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Test Tone vol. 86

Test Tone 86 flyer

Sound Experiments

Test Tone 86: Bolts from the Blue

November 13th, 2012 (Tuesday) 20:00 to 23:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.


L?K?OWhen it comes to enticing mammoth sounds from the universe's dark vinyl matter, no one touches the kaleidoscopic magic of juggernaut turntablist L?K?O. Sit back and let your ears be filled with crumbling hiphop anthems, hermetic chants, primordial electronica, and a bewildering assemblage of psychic rarities.

The multi-limbed master of sonic adventure is back, and he's here to help you reach a higher consciousness. Supreme and unfathomable.

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Guru Host (Sakaguchi Mitsuhisa: keys + Ichiraku Yoshiyuki: drums)

Guru Host (Sakaguchi Mitsuhisa: keys + Ichiraku Yoshiyuki: drums)Another project from keyboard dynamo Sakaguchi Mitsuhisa, Guru Host features the polyrhythmic fireball drumming of Ichiraku Yoshiyuki (from post-pop wonder Fratenn) for a tightly wound musical ride. With astounding prowess, Guru Host shift from blissfully enveloping soundscapes to mutant jazz freakouts of brain-damaging complexity, the free-flowing improvisation that binds the music together makes it all the more impressive.

Unshackled, damaged, and good for dancing, too.

Sakaguchi Mitsuhisa

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Morishige Yasumune

Morishige YasumuneThere are rare few deep listening experiences that meet the mesmerizing cello work of Morishige Yasumune (aka mori-shige). On his own or in a collaborative setting, his music often casts a powerful spell, drawing the listener into the minutae of his magical sound universe. Gracefully fusing uninhibited expression with an entrancing sonic palette, Morishige transcends mere style to deliver something altogether sublime from his instrument.

On this evening, his solo performance will incorporate his haunting vocal work, so we can expect a kind of private reverie for Test Tone's lucky listeners.

Morishige Yasumune

henna RGB (RGB + henna dress)

RGBIn this collaborative project, we see the wonderfully off-kilter and entrancing visuals of video artist RGB get the 'henna dress treatment', which means layers of demented bunnies, wayward scribbles and confused stick men fighting it out for screen time.

Perhaps a bit like a Saturday-morning collision between Winston Smith and the Barbapapa family.


henna dress

Evil Penguin

Evil Penguin Master of disguises, Mexican top-hats, ambient rockabilly to minimal Hawaiian Kumulipo chants, the Evil Penguin poses the primordial question of evanescence against a backdrop of New Wave folk. Celebratory, subliminal, moment-to-moment. A Tasmanian treasure with a penchant for open spaces.