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Test Tone vol. 51

Test Tone 51 flyer

Sound Experiments

Test Tone vol. 51: Night of the Heavy Liftoff

November 10, 2009 (Tuesday) 20:00 to 25:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.

Sounds from Terra Firma into the Hellish Cosmos featuring:


HelllAs ethereal harmonies, languid melodies and somnambulist rhythms crawl along in slow-motion, you find yourself being pulled ever-deeper into the world of Helll, a five-piece 'slowcore' unit exploring beautiful and controlled improvisational forms. The music is wonderfully curious, like walking backwards through a Tarkovsky film acted out by your friends.

The current lineup includes Tetsuro Yasunaga (minamo, cubic music, 12k), Sakiyo Tobita (The Medium Necks), asuna, Jeff Fuccillo and drummer Jason Funk.



CojoA high-octane collision of Brazilian rhythms, electronic wizardry, and prodigious piano playing, Cojo might be a laboratory result of the merged DNA of Hermeto Pascoal and Miles Davis (circa Bitches Brew).

With Mitsuo Sakaguchi (Alan Smithee's MAD Universe, Otani Yoshio MJQT, etc.) on piano, Kenji Kariu (OWKMJ) on guitar and Yoshihiko Takeda (OWKMJ) on drums, we are treated to a veritable supergroup of veteran musicians playing the music they love.

Mitsuo Sakaguchi

Kenji Kariu


Space Baa

Space BaaWith the stellar drumming of Jimanica (d.v.d, World's End Girlfriend, nhhmbase) serving as the penultimate backbone, Shibusashirazu bassist/leader Daisuke Fuwa and trumpeter Tatsumi Mitsuhide then overlay other-worldly musical delights, ranging from free-funk freakouts to rhythmic collage culled from 70s psychedelia and electric jazz, to create the sound of Space Baa.

Following the late-summer release of their first album 'with love from a planet', the members have been hard to pull together due to intense overseas touring schedules. This night will have the full unit back in Tokyo to help brace you against the chilly weather.

Space Baa

ROKAPENIS + vextaQ (Visuals)

ROKAPENISSince 1999, visual artist Yohei Saito has been active with a bewildering array of video work, from his longstanding collaboration with dance group Baby Q, to handling big-screen visuals at the Metamorphose outdoor festival, to his mind-bending speed collages with grind-metal karaokeist Maruosa.

He will be joined by visual satirist and DaDa KingZ member vextaQ in a first-time collaboration.



DaDa KingZ

Evil Penguin

Evil Penguin Grand wizard of vinyl and interstellar treasure hunter, the Evil Penguin extracts the tastiest gems from his cosmic vat of recordings long forgotten. Pure listening pleasure.

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