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Test Tone vol. 48

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Sound Experiments

Test Tone Vol. 48: The Dangers of Summer Heat

August 11, 2009 (Tuesday) 20:00 to 25:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.

Get out of the sun and into the blistering darkness of the Noisy Hole. Fine loud music for fine loud people.



GagakiriseWheee—all the thump, bump and metal you would expect from a commercial jet in a nosedive, minus your fear of heights. Gagakirise play loud, fast and frantic improvisations with the intensity of Hella and the ballsy hair-fliging fun of Slayer.

Since they formed in 2006, Sachio Yoshizawa (guitar) and Ryo Inoue (drums) have been using a pile of effects, an even bigger pile of amps, and a walloping live show to recreate something akin to a herd of wild elephants onstage.

Better (and with less cages) than a day at the zoo.

Gagakirise (Myspace)

Muddy World

Muddy WorldHaving already received the thumbs-up from New York luminary John Zorn with a release on his benchmark Tzadik label, and following an appearance at Austin's preeminent SXSW festival, Muddy World continue to move into fresh new territory, without any signs of slowing down.

Their sound somehow manages to mesh tight rhythms and complex song structures with passages of guitar wizardry, played deftly in a style that seems to have descended from psychedelic gypsies. If you picture Battles hiring Gabor Szabo or Sir Richard Bishop for a one-off gig, you might be getting close.

An inspiring and original band that isn't afraid to take the next step forward.

Muddy World (MySpace)


Zyc0sZyc0s could be the bastard child of 70s lounge jazz, or perhaps a platter of 90s New York hip hop left out way too long in the sun. With a lunchbox of influences, the individual members throw decisive melodic intent against a cavalcade of rhythm, creating sumptuous textures that slip intermittently out of time.

Zyc0s members Keigo Iwami (Oncenth Trio, okhp), Masatsugu Hattori (Ryusenkei Body) and Kohzo Komori are all masterful musicians that do their best to bring their experience and experimentation to the table in full force.

And goodness gracious, it even grooves.


Rokapenis (visuals)

RokapenisSince 1999, visual artist Yohei Saito has been active with a bewildering array of video work, from his longstanding collaboration with dance group Baby Q, to handling big-screen visuals at the Metamorphose outdoor festival, to his mind-bending speed collages with grind-metal karaokeist Maruosa.

Following last month's spectacular two-day extravaganza V.I.I.M, where he showcased his captivating new performance piece Tiger Tiger, Saito will once again be bringing his visual tempest to the big white walls of Super Deluxe.


Evil Penguin

Evil Penguin Grand wizard of vinyl and interstellar treasure hunter, the Evil Penguin extracts the tastiest gems from his cosmic vat of recordings long forgotten. Pure listening pleasure.

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