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Test Tone vol. 45

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Sound Experiments

Test Tone presents vol. 45: Night of the Electric Hungarian - A Tribute to Dan Meichel

May 19, 2009 (Tuesday) 20:00 to 25:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.

This month, we pay a very special tribute to Dan Meichel, a Canadian saxophonist who was scheduled to perform at Test Tone vol. 45, but who sadly cannot join us. Dan was midway though a Japan tour when he passed away suddenly at the age of 57. Please join us as we celebrate Dan's memory with raucous music and a festive spirit. In the words of Gary Bird: Long live the Electric Hungarian!


Ueno & Saya (tenniscoats) + Ikuro Takahashi

Ueno & Saya (tenniscoats) + Ikuro TakahashiNever content to be easily classified, Takashi Ueno and Saya of Tenniscoats are musical nomads par excellence, traveling between the sounds of folk, psychedelia and the avant-garde, including everything in-between.

Frequent tours and collaborations with a kaleidoscope of artists take them ever further into new terrain, and this session with protean drummer Ikuro Takahashi is no exception. Takahashi has left an indelible mark on the Tokyo psychedelic scene playing in a long list of legendary groups such as High Rise, Fushitsusha and Ché-SHIZU.

A momentous meeting indeed. Be sure to come early if you were hoping for a seat.


Ikuro Takahashi

Mir (from Switzerland)

MirBringing an explosion of sound from the quaking heart of Europe, Mir plans to shake things up heavily in Japan. An infernal combination of Daniel Buess on drum skins and metal, Michi Zaugg on modified synthesizers and dense feedback clouds, and Pampiro on 'sensitive strings', there is a reason why they have become known on their native soil for utterly wild and intense performances.

Their music roars from beginning to end, with crescendos of spiraling electronics floating over the heavy and hypnotic rhythms, once described as evoking astronomical disasters and encounters with pandimensional beings.

Bring your double-layered spacesuit and/or fire-resistent riot gear.


Kouta Masumoto + Jun Nemoto + Jin Harada + Keiichi Nakano

Kouta Masumoto + Jin Harada + Keiichi NakanoIt might be hard to know what to expect from this exceptional meeting, but it certainly promises to melt some skulls out there in listener land.

Joining us from deep Kansai, guitarist, human beat-box and overall high-strung performer Kouta Masumoto will bash chops with Jun Nemoto (Z, Hununhum, RUN) on sax, Jin Destroy (aka Jin Harada from ROVO) on bass and/or didgeridoo and Keiichi Nakano (2UP, Motallica) on drums.

Guaranteed to put you on the edge of your seat, or with any hope, knock you right out of it and into the front stage scrum.

Kouta Masumoto (Blog)
Jun Nemoto
Jin Harada

JULIETTA (visuals)

JULIETTAUsing an array of visual sources, JULIETTA is a VJ unit coming from the joined forces of Yuki Ohta (aka De-R) and parhelion (aka JULIA).

Involved with everything from club music to the experimental, the unit puts together specially commissioned works, as well as improvising visuals in a live setting.

Using minimal creations from software, plus images jumping from their collection of 9 DVD players, JULIETTA has been much in demand in Tokyo for their decidedly unique yet supple imagery.


Evil Penguin

Evil Penguin Grand wizard of vinyl and interstellar treasure hunter, the Evil Penguin makes the perilous journey to the forbidden archives, extracting the tastiest gems from a cosmic vat of recordings long forgotten.

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