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Test Tone vol. 43

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Sound Experiments

Test Tone presents vol. 43: A Guided Evening - Step-by-Step to Music Enjoy!

March 10, 2009 (Tuesday) 20:00 to 25:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.


Henna Dress

Henna DressA self-described 'gadget player', Henna Dress has been making music using her Nintendo Gameboy since 1998. Hardly describable, Henna Dress comes out of nowhere with a marvelous mixture of live electronics, all crafted into a cataclysmic bounce with charming dance sensibility.

Apparently led into her musical world by a stuffed cat (the band leader), Henna Dress remains influenced by 'someone's humming song', 'sound to which an flying insect hits an electric bulb', 'sound in which the empty stomach sounds', 'sound which the fish without an ear may hear', and more.

If you don't get your fill (and it's very likely you won't), check out her magical event Lab Bit Room, held somewhat regularly at nearby Nishiazabu Bul-let's.

Henna Dress


neohachiForming as a duo back in 2005, Lily (vocals) and Elly (synthesizers) of neohachi have driven their unique take on traditional Japanese poetry ever forward, recently adding a drummer to the mix under the name neohachi 3.

With a minimal approach to melody (employing a poem recitation technique known as 'shigin') and a sense of form that seems to have sprouted from high exposures of head-bobbing Krautrock, the sound seems to come across as startlingly fresh and deeply familiar all at once.

Check out their 2008 album Sense of Wonder (with drummer Atsu) for a lovely listening experience. On this evening, we'll be treated to the unit at their stripped-down, minimal best. Wonderful stuff.



OreWaKonnaMonJanai'After a number of line-up changes since their last appearance at Test Tone a couple of years back, OWKMJ are back and better than ever. Always moving in new directions, we see the latest incarnation of the band moving towards more cyclic patterns in their compositions, but still retaining the punk deconstruction that seemed to sit on the edges of the band's sound since the beginning.

Much of this is captured on the band's new album, titled simply OWKMJ and scheduled for release on the 28th of this month. If we're in luck, there may be some copies available for sale if the postal service doesn't encounter a rare snag. Fingers crossed.


Evil Penguin

Evil Penguin Grand wizard of vinyl and interstellar treasure hunter, the Evil Penguin makes the perilous journey to the forbidden archives, extracting the tastiest gems from a cosmic vat of recordings long forgotten.

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