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Test Tone vol. 35

Test Tone 35 flyer

Sound Experiments

Test Tone presents vol. 35: Festival of Alternate Tunings

July 8, 2008 (Tuesday) 20:00 to 25:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.

Tumultuous music swirls around you! Protean visuals will transport you! An evening of exquisite diversity.


Miclo Diet

Miclo Diet” width=Melding dense and chaotic textures with complex beats, Miclo Diet aka Yasunobu Suzuki has created a diverse sound palette that ranges from eminently danceable rhythms to glitch-ridden madness.

An organizing member of the Shinjuku-based Soup collective and a contributing member of the eclectic Tokyo-based NIkO label, Miclo Diet has his hands full with a range of enduring projects. We're a bit unsure where the name comes from, but it's possible to imagine that if you find yourself dancing to the music, you might also find yourself losing weight as quickly as you would drinking one of those similarly-named amphetamine-laced shakes.

Fans of glitch, beats, thump and bop will not be disappointed. Tumultuous techno to keep the children awake at night.

Miclo Diet

Katchmare aka Nick Hoffman (USA)

KatchmareOne of his many projects to date, Katchmare is the solo incarnation of musical explorer Nick Hoffman. With a number of sound collaborators in his home state of Illinois, he has created a fine sonic community of indelible proportions through the collective/label Scissor Death.

Taking noise, silence and drone as investigation points, the musical ideas overlap and the explorations seem to devour each other over time. From expansive psychedelic freakouts to serpentine passages of harmony, Hoffman covers a lot of ground, as he also plays guitar in the bands Back Magic, Bumbrella Donkey and Boulez.

Katchmare will give us a chance to hear an extended distillation of some of these ideas in his solo electronics project.


L?K?O (turntables) x Yoshio Otani (sax) x Cal Lyall (guitar) x Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (drums)

L?K?OAdd a heavy dose of deftly-handled turntablism to one part skronking-swerving-careening saxophone. Blend in short bursts with tremendous flashes of drumming brilliance and then mix with a serving of full-frequency guitar fuzz.

A session guaranteed to be loaded with sizeable chunks of raw power and perhaps black magic where necessary; it's sure going to be interesting. We hope to take the windows and doors off the tour bus, so sit down or hold on and keep your ears open.

Could be the next best thing to making your own music.


Yoshio Otani

Cal Lyall

Tatsuhisa Yamamoto

Onnacodomo (visuals)

Onnacodomo Taking their inspiration from moments and objects from everyday life, visual unit Onnacodomo make the ordinary decidedly extraordinary. Eschewing computer-generated graphics or recorded material, the three members (DJ Codomo, Yasuko Seki and Ruka Noguchi) perform in real time using a video camera to capture their spontaneous creations.

Shimmering projections are created using water, mirrors and an array of lights, while a world of fantastic images is constructed with found photos, kitchen utensils, toys, stationary and improvised artwork.

Kaleidoscopic, absurd and unreal, Onnacodomo takes you into a slightly-unhinged world that is absolutely original in its conception.


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