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Test Tone vol. 30

Test Tone 30 flyer

Sound Experiments

Test Tone presents vol. 30

January 12, 2008 (Saturday) 21:00 to 05:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.



L?K?OThe 6-handed turntablist himself drives a demolition-derby school bus of amplified vinyl in all of its white-knuckled glory. Keep all limbs inside the vehicle.



2UPRabid drums battle table-saw guitar and perforated vocals in all of your favorite mutilated frequencies. An impossible thermal duo of tattered precision.

2UP on MySpace


Oninko!The future of punk pixie-dust from 3 girls singing to the tune of the sweetest glow-in-the-dark glitter. Bring your pink sunglass collection for protection.

Oninko! on MySpace


Geltz!Carnivorous bass and bass-eating drums make up this duo. At home playing in freeway traffic, or greeting aliens, they may - in fact - unhinge you.

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Kenji 'Noise' Nakamura

Kenji 'Noise' NakamuraThe 'junkyard dog' of screech and other full-throttle anti-matter from his saxophone, unmuzzled in a special gang-up!

Black & Gold

DJ ∞∞∞0∞∞∞

DJ ∞∞∞0∞∞∞A special meal of creampuffs and Bengali jalepeno peppers awaits your ears as our hyper-ephemeral DJ trips on the latest molten hits.

DJ ∞∞∞0∞∞∞

Nikka-Sen (Mitsuru Tabata + Tatsuhisa Yamamoto + Kelly Churko + Cal Lyall)

Nikka-SenPrimal guitar artistry in a low-fidelity war on disrupted drums and even more guitar. If you have found the defiled uber-chord, please bring it with you because they seem to be looking for it.

Mitsuru Tabata / Tatsuhisa Yamamoto
Kelly Churko / Cal Lyall


ChimidoroModern technology has finally reached a point where conversation stops and serious dance begins. Assemblers of extraordinary rhymes and royally infectious dancing gadgets.

Chimidoro on MySpace


VORTEXStumbling transgressions of avant-disco with teeth! This unit is part-ecstasy, part-global warming - beats straight from the hot pot!


Evol (from Barcelona)

EvolDoes something smell like burning styrofoam? Yes, the switchboard operator may have sent your earplugs into your cochlea. An algorithmic leader in fractured situations where machines make the rules.



OHPIAFlying in an space-saucer of post-mathematical psychedelic graffiti, our resident visual shamans have conjured the very best hallucinogenic spells for your peepers.

OHPIA on MySpace

Shantell Martin

Shantell MartinWith one hand on the never-ending telepathic line, where will she finally make the immaculate connection? You won't know until those technicolor dots have been conjoined. Try it for yourself (tonight only on three screens)!

Shantell Martin

03.01.2008. 15:09