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Test Tone vol. 29

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Sound Experiments

Test Tone presents vol. 29

December 11, 2007 (Tuesday) 20:00 to 24:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.


Tsuki no Umi

Tsuki no UmiTsuki no Umi raise the bar for rock-band instrumentation with a strong combination of jazz, psychedelia and afrobeat, featuring songwriting that focuses on dynamic repetition and tremendous rock freakouts. Cosmic introductory passages give way to infectious rhythms and explosive climaxes. The diverse influences of each of the 6 members make their performances exciting, challenging, danceable, and most importantly, memorable.

Tsuki no Umi

Toque (Kelly Churko+Tim Olive)

Tim OliveThe collaborative project between Canadian guitarists Kelly Churko and Tim Olive takes its name from a distinctive bit of headgear, worn pretty much all year in Canada. On the coldest days of winter, guitarists get together and play songs, and they generally sound nothing like what might arise from this meeting. Thwap, ping, whirr, crunch and other ungodly/beautiful sounds will likely be the hallmark of this mercurial improvising duo. From boiler room echoes to broken toys, everything you would never expect from a guitar, and more.

Kelly Churko
Tim Olive

Ametsub x Jimanica

Ametsub x JimanicaIn their recent 2007 release 'Surge' on the Mao label, musicians extraordinaire Ametsub and Jimanica have created nothing short of a head-bobbing, dub-soaked masterpiece of electro-acoustic compositions. With Jimanica backing up Ametsub's ethereal tracks with a solid delivery of live drums, the combination is hypnotic and rhythmically expansive. In this special live performance, they will be joined by visual artist Masato Tsutsui, who will provide a fitting backdrop of multi-dimensional projections.


Masato Tsutsui

Masato TsutsuiVisual artist Masato Tsutsui has gained international renown for his work, which aims towards a representation of algorithmic virtual-mind spaces in real-time. Working with Max/MSP/Jitter and Open GL technology, Masato has created an original language of visual expression which he continues to expand by performing, collaborating and holding workshops on these emerging technologies.

Masato Tsutsui


onnacodomoNot your usual VJ collective, onnacodomo use live digital camera feeds to present a series of happily random pictures, objects and hand puppets. The colours of their work burst into view like a visual scrapbook from Shinro Ohtake, or an action painting by Ushio Shinohara - for just a small taste, check out the video on their homepage.


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