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Test Tone vol. 28

Test Tone 28 flyer

Sound Experiments

Test Tone presents vol. 28

November 13, 2007 (Tuesday) 20:00 to 24:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.


Ryusenkei Body

Ryusenkei BodyForming in 2003, Ryusenkei Body has been able to combine a complex approach to musical form with a style that is genre-defying and unexpected. Made up of three seasoned musicians, Takumi Ito (sax, synth, laptop) of Tsuki No Wa, Toru Hayakawa (bass) and Masatsugu Hattori (drums, laptop), the band takes a binary approach to composition and performance, stepping outside of the musical form to both contradict yet interact with the original material.

Elusive and challenging, their performances are dense in texture with fractured rhythms that bring to mind elements of hip hop (think Prefuse 73), electronica (think mego) and great free music.

Ryusenkei Body

Washbear (from Juusankaku)

WashbearWashbear is a duo project originating from Juusankaku, a multi-member live hip hop unit that matches irregular beat structures with heavy improvisation. As members of the corner disc collective, they have gained a reputation for musical structures that are radically dense, complex and overwhelming.

Washbear strips the line-up down to two members, Kengo Kobayashi and QMOYUKI, who manage to dissect the rhythmic elements from a number of genres, reconnecting them into a head-bopping collage of impossible musical forms.

Corner Disc

Skab/t + Bas van Huizen

Skab/tWe welcome back one of our favorite musicians, Skab/t, who keeps refining his vocabulary of circuit-bent textures and gold-encrusted beats, appearing alongside standout Dutch artist Bas Van Huizen. This will be a very special session where almost anything is possible, from mashed-up electronica to danceable barrages of abstract rhythms. In addition to taking part musically, Bas will also provide the accompanying visuals for the performance, bringing the atmosphere of distinctive Dutch spaces (such as Extrapool) to Super-Deluxe.


Bas van Huizen

Ben Sheppee + Xelafish (visual delicacies)

Ben SheppeeIn addition to Bas Van Huizen providing visuals, we are also excited to welcome back international audiovisual artist Ben Sheppee, who brings with him visual artist Xelafish, currently on tour with Dutch electro-trash unit 3-1.

Xelafish (aka Alex Fischer) currently lives in Amsterdam, where he focuses on the nature of 'information overload', exploring themes of piracy and culture jamming in his work.

Ben Sheppee


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