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Test Tone vol. 25

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Experiments in music

Test Tone presents vol. 25

July 3, 2007 (Tuesday) 20:00 to 24:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.


Ilios (Dimitris Kariofilis, Greece) + Keiichiro Shibuya

IliosDimitris Kariofilis aka Ilios has been actively developing uniques 'codes' of expression in the fields of digital music and image for the greater part of 15 years. He has made a mark in his native Europe, collaborating with contemporary dance companies, theatre and film, as well as producing and directing multimedia shows which focus on an extraordinary sound palette which ranges from 'orthodox silence to catholic noise'. Studio and live collaborations with the likes of Francisco Lopez, Jason Kahn and Thurston Moore have earned Ilios a name worldwide, and we welcome him back to Japan for this special live performance.

For music fans of improvised electronica in Japan, Keiichiro Shibuya needs no introduction. His contribution to the 'post-sine wave movement' in electronic music has been distilled into his exceptional label ATAK, active since 2002. He has collaborated with some of the finest artists in the European improvising movement, such as Norbert Moslang and Jason Kahn, creating works of subtle texture and rhythm both in live and in the studio. A tireless proponent of new approaches to electronic music, he continues to lecture at Tokyo University and create ambitious installation works around Japan.

Keiichiro Shibuya

Tone Blues (Ryuta Kawabata + Akihiro Kubota + Takmi Iqeda + Toshihiko Kajii)

Ryuta KawabataIf you haven't heard of Ryuta Kawabata, it is likely because he seems keeps a low profile, quietly making works of transcendent beauty, eventually emerging from the woodshed with a recording that blows you away with its depth, individuality, and profound musicality. Using field recordings, electronic manipulation and guitar, Kawabata creates subtle soundscapes that bear no comparison to anything to out there (perhaps Todd Dockstader or some work by Birchville Cat Motel could come close), and that makes them all the more fascinating.

For this evening, Kawabata has assembled Tone Blues, a heavyweight group that could prove to be one of the most interesting collaborations of the Test Tone series. Akihiro Kubota is a pioneer in software art, audio-visual installations and internet performances, who will make use of live coding + feedback acoustic piano to create a plethora of soundscapes in the group. Takmi Iqeda (computer) has also found an individual voice in the field of electronic music, contributing to movie soundtracks, dance performances, and collaborative sound projects, most recently exploring the juxtaposition of the human voice with electronics in his group Almglocken. Pubicflower guitarist Toshihiko Kajii will be on hand to provide his wondrous guitar work to complement Kawabata's recorded materials and electric guitars.

Ryuta Kawabata
Akihiro Kubota
Takmi Iqeda
Toshihiko Kajii

Scriptones (Stan Eberlein) + Brecht Debackere (Visualantics)

ScriptonesThe one man - one machine unit that makes up Scriptones is a virtual study in synthesizer arppegiation. As a member of the long-running electronic duo Legofriendy, Stan Eberlein has contributed his subtle sense of texture to their rhythm-based compositions. With Scriptones, he explores the inner working of synthesized textures, producing unexpected results to listeners' ears. He'll be joined by Belgian visual artist Brecht Debackere, who has created a number of impressive new media with the group Visualantics, based in Antwerp.

Brecht Debackere


A groundbreaking collaboration between visual artists Vokoi Satoshi Horii and Daito Manabe, we are just one of the many stops they will be making this year. With the group appearing at Metamorphose 2007, as well as Vokoi heading off to Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert in the fall, we are lucky to have them stop by Test Tone on this occasion. With a mixture of 3-D visuals, granulated pixels and inventive textures, they have been in demand not only as club VJs, but at high profile events such as last year's Taico Club and Sonar Sound festivals.


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