experiments in music

Test Tone vol. 23

Test Tone 23 flyer

Experiments in music

Test Tone presents vol. 23

May 8, 2007 (Tuesday) 20:00 to 24:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.


Xyramat (Japan Tour 2007)

XyramatThe music of German electronic music artist Xyramat pushes the boundaries of electro-acoustic composition into fresh new territory. Using a plethora of sound sources (including her own voice), she creates aural tapestries, making captivating soundtracks for several films in the past. Now based in Hamburg, Xyramat is a member of the networks Female Pressure and Electronic Ladiez, moderates the monthly radio show 'Radio Gagarin' together with Jetzman and Asmus Tietchens at FSK, and contributed to the CD sampler compilation 'Women take back the Noise'. We are proud to be the first stop on her 2007 tour of Japan.

Xyramat on MySpace

Ultra Living

Ultra LivingIt's been five years since Ultra Living's last release – 2002's Through. Perhaps it took that long to strip away the layers to reveal the sparser, leaner sound evident on their latest album, Zoomania, released on May 3 on p-vine in Japan. The brothers Nonaka – the foundation of the band since its formation back in '96 – have largely swapped their laptops and electronics for piano and guitar, and are joined by a double-bass player and drummer to round out a music marked by plaintiff, jazz-inflected melodies and elegantly simple arrangements.

Ultra Living


Dowding ClubThis rambunctious unit, led by Naoto Sekijima and Akihiko Taniguchi, covers such a wide spectrum of music in their performances, it's hard to know how to define them. Granted, in their own words: "dowding-club does not have conception for playing music" and "dowding-club makes sweet song sometime". However, what can be promised is an exceptionally unexpected live performance from this group, who will mesh their anti-conception with a fine sense of hip-hop, electronica, lo-fi aesthetic and wit. Improvised music in the truest sense, with self-made electronics, prepared strings (violin and cello), laptop, programing, remote-controlled helicopters and more.

Dowding Club on MySpace

MOJU aka Michel Pennec (Video Works)

MOJUThese days, we seem to have been inundated with moving pictures; from the YouTube phenomenon to video blogs, 'video artists' are clambering out of every corner of our multi-mediated world. MOJU aka Michel Pennec reveals himself as a fresh interpreter of the image. Much of his subject matter seem sociological in its conception, exploring ideas such as contemporary surveillance and the effect of environment on perception. With soundtracks from the pioneers of noise and drone (such as Dave Phillips, HOFLI, Phroq and Kohei Matsunaga), his universe is challenging and complex, deserving a second look, and often even a third.


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