experiments in music

Test Tone vol. 19


Experiments in music

Test Tone presents vol. 19

January 12, 2007 (Friday) 20:00 to 24:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.


The Rinpa Eshidan

Rinpa is a word created by the founders of the group meaning 'to bring people together', while Eshidan essentially means 'art crew'. The Rinpa Eshidan is a team of artists brought together by a common creative expression.

Led by Noiz-Davi (Yoshiaki Kusunoki) and Daisuke Yamamoto, the group's main activities are performing in live painting events and creating videos of art in action. Instead of focusing on the finished project, the group believes the process of creation itself is where art comes to life and their videos aim to engage the audience in that process.

Ironically, these videos of art in action, videos that document the creative process, have themselves become artworks in their own right: posted to the popular YouTube video site, the interest in them has been such that a dvd of several of the pieces is due to be released in early 2007.

Providing the audio accompaniment for The Rinpa Eshidan live painting at Test Tone volume 19 will be DJ Nth Degree, spinning a jazz-oriented set—though probably not without some tangential excursions to the outer reaches of his record bag.

The Rinpa Eshidan
Rinpa Eshidan on YouTube

Kelly Churko + Keigo Iwami + Ryusaku Ikezawa Collaboration Project

With a number of individual projects currently gaining momentum, Kelly Churko, Keigo Iwami and Ryusaku Ikezawa are all talented and multifaceted musicians pushing the boundaries in a variety of contexts.

Kelly has played with some of the finest musicians from the free improvisation, jazz and noise scenes in Japan and abroad, and his complex approach to musical structure is earning him a name in many circles. As guitarist and band leader, he is currently exploring jazz-influenced compositional structures and improvisation with his group Ossuary, featuring bassist Keita Ito and master drummer Akira Sotoyama.

Keigo Iwami, after studying at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, returned to Japan to lend his energetic bass playing to a number of projects, namely lounge-pop sensations Izanami and the free jazz collective OKHP (OgiKuboHosPital).

Ryusaku Ikezawa, going under the name 'Giev Rutang', is also a member of OKHP, but keeps his playing schedule extremely busy with a multitude of other jazz-oriented improvising projects, such as Sugadairo, the Oncenth Trio and Real Blue.

This special collaboration will showcase compositions by the artists, mixing composition and improvisation in a less-than-traditional jazz setting. Don't miss it.

Kelly Churko - Guitar
Keigo Iwami - Wood Bass
Ryusaku Ikezawa - Drums


There are some bands that seem to slip through the cracks by defying musical categories and creating a totally unique sound universe. This is something that OreWaKonnaMonJanai (OWKMJ) has managed to do up until now with their self-described 'natural psychedelic hard brain rock music and low funk', but you can be sure that 2007 will open up many new vistas for this exceptional band. With concerts scheduled in the U.S. and a brand new album in its final stages, this year is going to be a special one indeed.

Mixing psychedelic rock with mysterious ambient spaces lends a timeless flavour to their music, while at the same time remaining immediate and captivating. Each song is a journey in itself, with a host of influences giving you a backpacker's view of the road less-hitched. From Moroccan desert themes and solemn pastural melodies to bastard noise-punk from the inner-city, OWKMJ covers every inch of the musical terrain with intensity and originality.

The members of OWKMJ, Kariu Kenji (guitar), Masuda Yuki (keyboards), Adachi Reisaburow (sax, drums), Machida Hitoki (bass) and Takeda Yoshihiko (drums), are involved with an array of other musical projects which filter down into OWKMJ's unique sound. For a sneak preview, check out sound samples of the band at their myspace site or by visiting their homepage. You won't be disappointed.

OreWaKonnaMonJanai on MySpace

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