experiments in music

Test Tone vol. 16


Experiments in music

test tone presents vol. 16

October 3, 2006 (Tuesday) 20:00 to 24:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.


THE SAME GIRL (from switzerland)

Before discovering a common interest in improvised music, Nicolas Field (drums) and Gilles Aubry (computer) met up during the summer of 1995 as they were trying to seduce the same girl... The story ended up in an intense and fruitful musical collaboration.

The concert played at the AudioArt Festival 2003 in Krakow (Poland) stated the beginning of their duo work. Their music, mainly improvised, is characterised by an instinctive approach and a strong complicity. By contrast as well as by mixture of sounds, Gilles Aubry and Nicolas Field try to seduce their audience by immerging themselves completely in the energy of the moment.

The CD "Live at Audio Art festival 03" was released in january 2004 on Soundimplant (SI 008).

In spring 2004, The same girl toured Switzerland (AMR Jazz Festival), Germany, Russia (SKIF & FSK festivals), Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. The duo was joined by austrian guitar player Richard Deutsch (in St-petersburg) and by slovenian duo "Tilt" in Ljubliana.

The promo tour of the new CD started in april 2006 in Europe, where The same Girl was joined by Fe-Mail for three exciting concerts in Switzerland ! The second part of the tour will happen in Japan and Australia in september.

[from the artists' Web site]

+ BEN SHEPPEE (audiovisual_contour)

A journalist from The Wire apologetically admitted that he "thoroughly enjoyed it!" Liberation Jumpsuit combine electronics, keyboards, turntables, theremin, guitar and mountains of effects pedals with the humble laptop computer to create … a guilty pleasure. Which, as the writer from The Wire well knows, is the the best kind.

Martian refugee (and Test Tone somewhat-regular) Coppe tries on the Liberation Jumpsuit for a live escape attempt to be staged in Super Deluxe on the evening. Ben Sheppee will be ably assisting this endeavor with the fractured geometries of his lightryhthmvisuals project.


Almglocken is the duo of Takmi Ikeda and Etsuko Suzuki (electronic sound and spoken word, respectively). The self-declared aim: to produce a different kind of vocal music filled with metaphor and color.

In addition to the Almglocken project, Ikeda also composes music for contemporary dance. For more on this and other topics, please check de-dicto.net/ac

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