experiments in music

Test Tone vol. 15


Experiments in music

Test Tone presents vol. 15 – Pingmag festival in Yoyogi Park

September 3, 2006 (Sunday) 13:00 to 21:00 at Yoyogi Park outdoor stage, Tokyo.



Starting his career on the right foot, Tucker began gaining recognition thanks to an American tour with post-pop icon Cornelius back in 1998. He has not looked back since. After a number of successful collaborations with Money Mark and the wildly popular Afra & Incredible Beatbox Band, he released his own ‘Electoon Wizard’ on Oddjob Records in November 2005. Appearing at numerous festivals (including Fuji Rock in 2003 and Summer Sonic in 2005), he made a tremendous impact at this year’s Fuji Rock Festival, bringing down the house with his acrobatic, multi-instrumental stage show. A true performer that is sure to bring a festival atmosphere to any event.



Award-winning didgeridoo player Goma has taken his instrument to places previously undiscovered by other musicians in his field. Forging ahead with a unique style that melds together dub, drone, electronica and world music, he has achieved massive success both in Japan and abroad. His last album, Soul of Rite, brought together session heavyweights Bill Laswell and Karsh Kale for further explorations into a musical territory all of his own.

Goma+Night Jungle


L?K?O, otherwise known as the busiest man in the electronica/improv scene, has played with countless artists in almost every genre: Krautrock (Mani Neumeier from guruguru), Jazz (Matsumoto Kenichi), World Music (U-zhaan, tabla from ASA-CHANG), Dub (Grassroots), Hip Hop (DJ Baku), Noise (Baiyon), Pop (Hoppy Kamiyama) and even modern dance (Kemumaki Yoko from Baby-Q). He has gained a loyal following thanks to his inventive and wild sets. L?K?O is one of the few artists who has the unique ability to cross musical borders while retaining his own style.


Zen La Rock is a veteran MC and musician who has collaborated with many hard-hitting artists, most recently sharing the stage with Hip Hop legend Africa Bambataa at Metamorphose in 2004. With a string of successes under his belt, we expect Zen La Rock to provide a high-energy spirit to the day as our host Emcee.

Zen La Rock


Both members of drum duo Jimanica+Itoken have individually taken their drumming to original destinations on the Japanese musical map. Not only do they both perform exceptional solo sets, but they are both members (present and past) of countless legendary Tokyo musical projects. Itoken is the leader of enigmatic bands Harpy and Zuppa di Pesce, as well as playing with Win A Sheep Free, GNU, Saitto Elettrico, Yumeyama and Exploded Toy. Jimanica plays with Moai, Jazz Collective, Pasadena and the Electroacoustic Jazz Quartet.



From Honolulu to Japan, Coppe' (pronounce Co-pa'y) casts a delightful light on a world too often devoid of poetry. If her music flirts with the angelic world of a Bjork or the abstract wanderings of a Nicolette, the roots of her inspiration can actually be found in great jazz singers of the 20th century, such as Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald. Living in the US, Coppe' released five albums on her exotically named Mango + Sweet Rice label, and worked with a myriad of high profile luminaries, including Plaid, DJ Vadim, The Program and Kris Weston from The Orb. Her songs are twisted spaced-out lyrics sung, or muttered, either in English or Japanese, and come wrapped-up in colorful flowery paper.



E.D.O. Echo Soundsystem began as a Bristol dub-influenced project back in 2002 with dub master Jinya on mixing duties and vocalist Miki playing melodica and shamisen in addition to her sultry vocals. Their music, often compared to Massive Attack and Roni Size, appeals to electronic music lovers, as well as to dub traditionalists. Their recent release on the Mao record label has kept them busy on the live music scene in and around Tokyo.

E.D.O. Echo Soundsystem


The Fallopian Disco Force hail from Tokyo, Japan, a squalid planetary response to everything technical and boring. The three members incorporate hip-hop, noise, lo-fi punk and ethnic influences for a total sound experience.

Fallopian Disco Force

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