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Jolt Extremities Festival



September 22st, 2012 (Saturday) 19:00 to 23:00 at Super Deluxe, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo.

Yudayajazz (JPN)

YudayajazzYudayajazz (video artist, musician, filmmaker and VJ) is an improvisor based in Tokyo who specializes in real-time audio/video manipulation that combines DJ and VJ performance with live sound textures. Yudayajazz has unleashed his unique blend of video and sound art at clubs, galleries and warehouses throughout Japan and has collaborated with the best of Japan’s avant-garde creative scene, such as Kazuo Imai, Takashi Ueno, DoraVideo and L?K?O.

By mixing audio and video from multiple sources and live feeds, Yudayajazz specifically crafts an intense multimedia experience in response to the particular performance space that is challenging and provocative. He performed at SuperDeluxe@Artspace in early 2010 as part of the 17th Biennale of Sydney.

Yudayajazz on Sonore

Yudayajazz on YouTube

Muneomi Senju (JPN)

Muneomi SenjuCutting his teeth playing with Boredoms a.k.a. V∞redoms and PARA in Kansai, Muneomi Senju (drums, electronics) has since moved to Tokyo to continue exploring the possibilities of his instrument. As a solo player, Senju incorporates electronic triggers when playing, running them to sounds and sequences for a complex array of rhythm and texture.

As a collaborator, the list is long: Masami Akita (aka Merzbow), Arto Lindsay, UA, DJ Baku, Yukihiro Takahashi and Harry Hosono (YMO), Keigo Oyamada (aka Cornelius) and Otomo Yoshihide are just some of the artists he's been working with. He also continues to play drums in PARA (led by ex-Boredoms member Seiichi Yamamoto), Urichipangoon, Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden and Combopiano.

Muneomi Senju


BuggatronicThe Swiss/ Australian duo that is Buggatronic started in 2009 when Daniel Buess and James Hullick joined forces in a cyclonic collision of sound. There is the signature of industrial noise in Buggatronic, but there is also a love of tightly timed formal design and aural choreography in the work. Daniel Buess brings his percussion background to the duo, as well as an array of electronic gadgetry and memories of space rock out convulsions.

James Hullick meets Buess head on with specially built robotic music machines and the grind of no-input mixing desks. Amidst the showers of amplified dynamism and hard walls of sound, Buggatronic also capture the delicate moments. And then the flood of sound through the cochlea washes it all away. Buggatronic is urban life amplified for the 21st century.


Philip Brophy (AUS)

Philip BrophyA founding member of →↑→ (aka Tsk-Tsk-Tsk) in the 1970s, and after a series of experimental short features in the 1980s, Philip Brophy (musician, composer, sound designer, filmmaker, writer) made his feature directorial debut with Body Melt in 1993. He has acted as composer and sound designer on most of his films, and numerous other shorts. He was also director of the Cinesonic International Conference on Film Scores & Sound Design and has edited 3 books from the conference.

Brophy continues to lecture and present on film sound and music internationally, specializing in horror, sex & exploitation, film sound & music and Japanese animation. He is widely published in all three areas, and his book 100 MODERN SOUNDTRACKS has been translated and published into Japanese. His most recent books are 100 ANIME and PRISCILLA.

Philip Brophy

Jun’ichi Okuyama (JPN)

Jun’ichi OkuyamaBorn in Tokyo 1947, Jun’ichi Okuyama is one of Japan’s seminal experimental filmmakers. He made his first films as a student at Tamagawa University’s Department of Fine Arts in the 1960s and has since remained constantly active, creating over 70 highly original experimental works over the last 45 years.

Okuyama was recognized internationally early on, with his first screening outside of Japan (the radical 1971 ‘disposable film’ entitled No Perforations) being awarded a Silver Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival. His distinctively playful approach to the medium of film is widely admired and his most famous works are included in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art (New York), Anthology Film Archives (New York), Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Tokyo) and universities worldwide.

Okuyama performed at SuperDeluxe@Artspace in early 2010 as part of the 17th Biennale of Sydney.

Jun’ichi Okuyama

Jun’ichi Okuyama on YouTube

BOLT Ensemble (AUS)

BOLT EnsembleThe BOLT Ensemble (flute: Belinda Woods, harp: Mary Doumany, cello: Judith Hamann, percussion: Daniel Buess, vocals/electronics: James Hullick) is dedicated to performing the music and sonic art projects of James Hullick, who the director of JOLT Arts Inc, and who is a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Music, Mind and Wellbeing Initiative. The ensemble was formed in 2004 and has worked extensively with technology and on community development projects.

Elephants performed The NIS – a large show working with robotic machinery and real time interactive video scores. Recently BOLT premiered works by Hullick at TERRAINS: JOLT Swiss Australian Sonic Festival (2011) and completed recordings of new works with ABC Classic FM in Melbourne (2012).

BOLT Ensemble

Evil Penguin

Evil Penguin Master of disguises, Mexican top-hats, ambient rockabilly to minimal Hawaiian Kumulipo chants, the Evil Penguin poses the primordial question of evanescence against a backdrop of New Wave folk. Celebratory, subliminal, moment-to-moment. A Tasmanian treasure with a penchant for open spaces.