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Test Tone Anthology CDs

Now out on medama Records. For artist information and sound samples, venture forth below. Visit our orders page to get copies for all of your loved ones.

Test Tone Anthology Disc One

Test Tone Anthology Disc 1Texture, rhythm and movement in all of its guises, this anthology disc captures the myriad of expression that has become the hallmark of the Test Tone series at Tokyo's SuperDeluxe. Focusing on riveting improvisation and stark electronica, the music collected here covers a lot of ground, from balloon duets to helicopter compositions and other experiments in noise. Challenging and evocative, this presents wide-angle snapshot of Japan's current wave of international sound pioneers.

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Test Tone Anthology Disc Two

Test Tone Anthology Disc 1Surrounded by murmurs, footsteps and other environmental accompaniment, these recordings capture the immediacy of resplendent sound on location. This disc could be as much an acoustic exploration of the performance space as it is an aural exploration of the ambient and meditative forms in each track. Beautifully packed into this second disc in the Test Tone Anthology series, steelpans, kalimbas, bells, metronomes and family-sized tuning forks all seem to find a resounding home within the walls of Tokyo's SuperDeluxe.

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Test Tone Anthology Disc Three

Test Tone Anthology Disc 1This third disc in the Test Tone Anthology series pulls no punches, offering an insider's view of what goes on outside of business hours in downtown Tokyo. An exhilarating dose of tumultuous noise-rock, leftfield jazz freakouts and other explosive encounters make this a compilation for the truly brave at heart. With performances by L?K?O, Kuruu Crew, Damo Suzuki, Muddy World, and a legion international guests, this could in fact be the album that finally completes your collection. Everything you wanted to know about the underground but were afraid to ask.

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