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Another set of subterranean live performances from protean duo Missing Man Foundation, this album is a revealing aural snapshot of the celebrated Test Tone event at Tokyo's 'Noisy Hole', Nishi-Azabu's Superdeluxe. A kaleidoscopic journey through fractured terrains, this recording captures all the thump and buzz of the ride, giving prolonged pause at underground canyon lookouts and shimmery glacial deserts. This tour guarantees a hearty silicon soup of dissembled guitar, laptop singing and circuit-bending at every turn. The perfect soundtrack to the downtown safari that you always wanted, but were too scared of heights.

CD: Test Tone Sessions by Missing Man Foundation SDCD017
Running time: 52 minutes

1. Brain Dust
2. Toy Planetarium
3. Salmonella
4. Magnetic North
5. A Leap in the Dark
6. Low Speed Blowout
7. Microsombrero
8. Ovalium Mutation
9. Cut to the Chase
10. Fire Escape
11. Consternation Theory
12. Hasty Departure #8

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